Silver overhead showerhead close up with running water and grey tiled background

Studies show that the average person spends five or six months of their life in the shower, or roughly seven minutes every day. Showers have become bathroom must-haves, a place to de-stress, boost circulation and relax tired muscles.

So, when it comes to your bathroom renovation, it’s worth getting to know the options for showers and accessories so you make the right choice for your space and family.

We chatted with bathroom specialist Dean Feltrin from Reece Australia Sunshine Coast to get the lowdown on the latest shower products.

There are so many options for showers. What should people consider when planning a bathroom renovation?

DF: Consider your shower habits and your ideal showering situation. Many couples like to shower together so may want two shower heads, one on each side.

If there’s a taller person in the family, installing a rail shower is a good idea. They’re fully adjustable, so it’s not too low for tall folks and not too high for kids or other family members.

More people are choosing hand showers to give you the option of easier cleaning. Fixed showerheads can make cleaning challenging.

Twin rail shower head in brushed nickel on white background

Mizu Drift Twin Rail Shower with 300 Brass Overhead with Top Rail Water Inlet in Brushed Nickel – Reece #9508228. Image: Reece Australia.

What tips can you share for selecting a shower style and shower accessories to suit your overall bathroom design?

DF: Use the same finishing for the shower you’ve chosen for your tapware. For example, if you’re going with gold tapware, choose a shower with matching gold edging.

And the same goes for the channel. Avoid having a stainless or chrome channel if you have gold or black tapware. Because these new finishes are so popular, many brands now create a range of items in the same finish so everything matches.

White bathroom with grean and white feature wall at back and brushed gold towel rail, showerhead and tapware.

Mizu Drift Brushed Gold Range. Image: Reece Australia.

Do you have any advice for selecting a shower screen?

DF: The days of soggy shower curtains are long gone. These days it’s all about the glass, which is tough, clear, classy and easy to clean. And there are so many options!

Choosing a shower screen comes back to the amount of space you have and the overall look and feel you want for your bathroom. 

If you’re going for a more minimalist look, you might choose a frameless shower. If you’re short on space, you may have a pivot door, a bifold door or a fixed panel. If you have a busy bathroom with lots of family members coming in and out, select a fully enclosed or walk-in shower.

Modern bathroom with grey tiles and glass shower screen

Kado Lux Fixed Shower Screen Panel and Wall Support 1400mm Chrome – Reece #9506301. Image: Reece Australia.

Is there anything homeowners can do to preserve that “new glass” look of their shower screen?

DF: There’s a product called Nanokote, which is ideal for protecting new screens. It places a film over the glass, preventing grime and watermarks and keeping your new shower fresher for longer.

It’s easy to use; you just clean the surface thoroughly, spray the product on a cloth and wipe over the screen. Allow five minutes cure time, then polish the surface with a soft cotton rag.

The finish is scratch and abrasion resistant, dirt, oil and water repellent. It can also be used on ceramic floor tiles, basins, and baths.

Product package in blue box

What are some showerhead options for people who enjoy a more spa-like shower experience?

DF: Every showerhead sold in Australia has to meet the three-star water-saving requirements of a maximum nine litres of water per minute. There are a lot of brands that specialise in creating showerhead technology that gives a sense of more water flowing while meeting those guidelines.

Air induction technology has come a long way, using air to give each droplet a fuller feel while conserving water. Different brands also have different spray patterns. Grohe is quite famous for theirs and they were pioneers in spray pattern technology.

What’s trending in showerhead style?

DF: Square was big three or four years ago. Now, people want a more natural look so tend to go for square lines with rounded areas, similar to the iPhone design. Rather than everything being round or square, it’s a mix of both.

Silver overhead showerhead close up with running water and grey tiled background

GROHE Tempesta 250mm Square Overhead Shower Chrome Reece #9507803. Image: Reece Australia.

Smart showers have become increasingly popular. What are the benefits of installing a smart shower?

DF: Smart showers offer more control over the entire showering experience. Smart showers allow you to set your desired temperature and adjust the spray pattern to your preferences, either through a wall-based or remote control.

The Grohe Rainshower SmartActive is one of our most popular options. It features Grohe’s unique water intelligence system and an intuitive interface that allows you to seamlessly adjust temperature and patterns. There are three changeable spray styles: rain spray for a smooth and relaxing experience, ActiveMassage spray to get into those tight muscles and Jet spray, which is powerful and revitalising.

Smart control panel for a shower

GROHE Smart Control Concealed Thermostat 3 Button Round Chrome – Reece #9510726. Image: Reece Australia.

Do you have any other shower-related tips to share?

DF: With walk-in showers, have the showerhead and drain on the opposite side to the door to alleviate water spillage into the main bathroom area.

Another good piece of advice is to consider having your mixers or taps on one side and the shower on the other. That way, you can step in and turn the shower on and let it warm up to the right temperature before getting wet.

Modern bathroom with white bath, grey tiles and matte black tapware

Mizu Shower Screen Mixer Tap Matte Black – Reece #9507503. Image: Reece Australia.

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