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Farmer Constructions is an NDIS registered provider of home modifications to support independence and improve safety for people with a disability at home.

Our processes and approach is aligned with the NDIS Home Modifications Guidance for Builders and Designers, so you can be assured that all work meets the required standards.

Farmer Constructions can quote, project manage and complete minor and complex NDIS home modifications in all areas throughout the home.

We specialise in complex bathroom modifications, kitchen modifications and dwelling access/entrance works, including ramp installation.

No stress NDIS home modifications.

Home modifications can be a complex process. We make sure the whole process flows smoothly from start to finish.

Dani Farmer from Farmer Constructions is a Master Builder with more than 20 years of experience.

Married with three young children, Dani knows how important it is to be able to trust the tradesmen working in your home.

Dani’s approachable manner and attention to detail ensures you’ll feel at ease every step of the way. And you’ll find all of our trades caring, responsive and professional.

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Home modifications services

Home Modifications Design and Construction includes installation of equipment or changes to the structure, layout or fittings of a home that enable an NDIS participant to more safely and independently move around their home.

The NDIS can fund a diverse range of home modifications, from the installation of a rail to major kitchen and bathroom changes. Each project is different and the work completed depends on the goals in the person’s NDIS plan.


  • Accessible Bathrooms
  • Accessible Kitchens
  • Shower Modifications
  • Wheelchair access
  • Doors & widening doorways
  • Access Ramps
  • Stair Lifts
  • Ceiling hoists
  • Non Slip Flooring
  • Grab Rails

Independence, peace of mind and a place to call home.

NDIS Complex Home Modifications specialist

Complex Home Modifications (CHM) involve structural changes to the home and therefore require greater certification and higher qualifications. They can include work to multiple areas of a home such as the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and access as part of one large project. Farmer Constructions can take care of all Complex Home Modifications and manage all trades invovled including electricians, plumbers and carpenters.

Accessible bathrooms

Modifying a bathroom, installing stepless showers, accessible fixtures and fittings including grab rails, taps and handheld shower heads.

Accessible kitchens

Removal of cupboards to allow for clearance for wheelchair users, height adjustments, changes to appliances, accessible storage.

Bedroom modifications

Modifications to a primary bedroom, installation of ceiling or transfer hoist and relevant structural support, relevant electrical changes.

Access or entry areas

Including continuous accessible pathways, widening existing paths, removal of stairs or hazards, installation of access ramps.


Internal access

Widening of external and internal doorways, additional doorway external entrance from the bedroom for safety reasons.

Home automation

Automatic door openers, lighting, window fittings and power controls. Installation of emergency call systems and sensor devices.

NDIS home modifications FAQs

Where do I find home modifications in my NDIS plan?

Home modifications are funded through the Capital supports budget in an NDIS plan.

What is the role of an Occupational Therapist in arranging home modifications?

An Occupational Therapist or other suitably qualified home modifications assessor can advise and make recommendations on the most suitable options for your needs. This involves a “home modifications assessment”.

Your OT or assessor can explain the process, their role and the NDIS approval process. They will also carry out the assessment and send the relevant information to the NDIA which will then decide whether to approve the modifications. This process must be completed and the funds available in your NDIS plan before construction can begin.

What is a Building Works Project Manager and what do they do?

The NDIS requires that home modifications valued at over $30,000 need an NDIS Registered Building Works Project Manager (BWPM) to assist with design and appointment of builders. Funding for a BWPM will be included in your NDIS plan if required.

Do I need a quote?

Some simple low cost home adaption items costing less than $1,500 do not require a quote, unless they are part of a larger modification. All other items and any NDIS home modifications provided by Farmer Constructions are quotable. For Complex Home Modifications, the NDIA usually requires two quotes. Farmer Constructions can work with you or your OT assessor to provide a quote for all NDIS home modifications.

Will you take care of all the council approvals and inspections?

Clients often tell us this can be the most stressful aspect of a renovation. The good news is that we have a certifier and can take care of all the council approvals and inspections on your behalf if needed as part of the NDIA approved project. 

Can I contribute my own money to get a more expensive fitting or item?

Yes. The NDIA will usually only fund standard modifications and fittings. You may choose to use your own money to contribute to a more expensive finish or fixture that achieves the same or equivalent outcome as the supports in your NDIS plan. Where suitable, the NDIA expects existing fixtures and fittings to be reused. 

How does the contract work with Farmer Constructions as the builder?

Contracts with Building Works Project Managers (BWPMs), builders like Farmer Constructions and other construction professionals are between the participant and the supplier (and do not include the NDIA).

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