Minimalist bathroom design with freestanding white bath, concrete floor and floating cabinetry

Almost every new or renovated Sunshine Coast bathroom we construct here at Farmer Constructions includes a shower niche. A niche is recess built into the shower wall, a must-have storage feature of a modern bathroom.

No more sticky, rusted shower caddies that you’re forever replacing! Well-built niches are practical, look impressive and stand the test of time. They’re ideal for storing shower essentials and can make a stunning design feature.

While some trends come and go, we expect that niches will stick around. So if you’re planning a bathroom renovation or a new bathroom with a shower niche, follow our tips below to get the best results.

Benefits of shower niches

  • Convenience and more organised storage space
  • Less clutter
  • Ideal additional storage for small bathrooms
  • Focal point/design feature
  • Elegant and modern appearance
  • No need for old-school shower tidies
  • Easy to keep clean

What to consider when planning your shower niche

The Farmer Construction team shares five things to think about when building a new bathroom with a shower niche… plus some design inspo from our recent projects

1. Wall type

Minimalist bathroom design with freestanding white bath, concrete floor and floating cabinetry
Double shower with double herringbone tile lay feature wall and niche at Parrearra.
It’s easier and more cost-effective to install a niche as part of an initial build than to retrofit down the track. Retrofitting involves cutting existing tiles and potentially compromising the integrity of the wall and waterproofing membrane.

Custom niches are suitable for most timber-framed or steel-framed homes., depending on the width of the studs.

A niche cannot be cut into a block wall home. Often the only option in this situation is to add another wall in front of the block, taking up floor space, so this option will only suit larger bathrooms.

2. Shower niche location

Minimalist bathroom design with freestanding white bath, concrete floor and floating cabinetry
In a smaller bathroom, with combined shower and bath, a niche can provide useful storage space without detracting from the overall look.
The most common location for a shower niche is the wall opposite the shower head, away from the “splash zone”, to reduce the amount of water running into the space. However, that’s not always possible depending on the size of your bathroom and the nature of your shower (such in the bath/shower combination pictured above).

Another popular option is the side wall opposite the shower entry. The ideal location for your shower niche will depend on the shape and size of your shower and any wall-related constraints.

Depending on the size, a niche can be positioned anywhere from waist height to eye level. Select a height that’s practical for your family, considering current and future needs.

3. Niche size and shape

Minimalist bathroom design with freestanding white bath, concrete floor and floating cabinetry
A wide shower niche offers plenty of storage space in this bathroom renovation project Farmer Constructions completed in the Glasshouse Mountains.
The depth of a niche is dictated by the size of your wall studs (usually 70 or 90mm deep).

Whether you’re planning to use your wall tiles or a different feature tile, it’s best to consider the shape and size of your niche alongside your tile choice to ensure compatibility.

It’s a good idea to measure your shower essentials to ensure your regular items will fit with some room to spare.

The size and shape come down to your individual needs and preferences. At Farmer Constructions, we’re seeing many people choose wide shower nooks as for storage space and as a design feature.

4. Don’t forget the waterproofing

Minimalist bathroom design with freestanding white bath, concrete floor and floating cabinetry
The use of the same tiles for the wall and niche gives this bathroom renovation at Yandina a sense of continuity.
Having a beautiful shower is pointless if it’s not waterproof. Shower areas are particularly unforgiving when it comes to waterproofing due to their constant exposure to water and moisture. Effective waterproofing that meets Australian Standard AS 3740 is essential for all bathroom projects and wet areas.

Here at Farmer Constructions, we custom-build all niches and work closely with a specialist waterproofer with the correct licence and qualifications to install waterproofing materials or systems. A waterproofing certificate is supplied to the client.

5. Design features or special effects

Minimalist bathroom design with freestanding white bath, concrete floor and floating cabinetry
Feature niche with contrasting tiles from a granny flat renovation by Farmer Constructions at Bald Knob.
The options are endless for show niche designs, so take the time to review other projects or images online for inspiration.

It helps to answer the following questions first:

  • Do you want your niche to blend in or stand out?
  • Will the tiles to be contrasting or create a sense of flow?
  • Do you prefer niches with a trim or tiling edge to edge?
  • Symmetrical, asymmetrical or random lay? Are there any lighting considerations, such as LED strip lighting?

Feature tiling can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve chosen small tiles but the result is worth it!

Top tip: Tiling matters. A bathroom renovation is a significant investment. An experienced, qualified tiler can make all the difference to the final appearance of your bathroom. At Farmer Constructions, we only use the best tilers in the business, and our customers regularly comment on the exceptional standard of our tiling work. 


If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, it’s worth considering including a shower niche for storage and a more contemporary aesthetic. Niches can also be used in other locations, such as above a bath or as a design feature. Not sold on niches? Try a built in ledge or shelf instead.

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